Sports Day at Marmara Friday 22 May

As part of the Youth Day celebrations, Friday 22nd May will be a sports day at IICS.  Grade 2 students will participate between 10-12. Students will be grouped into colours and encouraged to wear these on the day. More details to follow.

Grade 2P Student Led Conference Schedule

Student Led Conferences are coming up on the 8th May 2015.  Parents can find the schedule on the Parent page of our class website.


Student Led Conferences 8th May – please choose your preferred time

Marmara Student Led Conferences: Friday 8th May 2015

Dear Primary School Parents,

The Student Led Conferences are a time when students show their academic growth through the year in homeroom and single subject environments.

The Student Led Conferences are scheduled for Marmara on Friday, 8th May. Each student will have a 30 minute appointment time to share their learning with you in their homeroom. Kindly indicate your preferred appointment session via the Google form link below. Teachers will then collate the preferences to construct a schedule of appointments, which will be posted on class websites early next week.

Google Form Link:

Students would like to share their learning in all of their classes, both homeroom and single subject environments. The single subjects are Music, PE, French, Turkish, Art, EAL and learning support. There will be an Art Exhibition to share the students’ artwork. For appointments after 3pm, we recommend that families visit single subject areas first in order to ensure that your child has sufficient time to share their learning.

Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact your classroom teacher. We look forward to seeing you on Friday, 8th May.

Yours sincerely,
The Primary Leadership Team

Old socks for art

Grade 2 students are asked to bring in a pair of old socks on Wednesday (not stinky please) for art.

Expat Culture Surveys

Many thanks to families who have completed the “culture surveys” sent home last week and returned them to school.  Your co-operation is deeply appreciated.

Surveys can still be returned to Mr Penrose over the coming week.

Grade 6 Action: N.G.Os

The grade 6 students are organising N.G.Os to take action on issues they are passionate about. Students are asked to bring in any spare clothing (especially for children and baby needs) to support those in need.

Students are also asked to bring in items to be donated to a dog shelter.  Items needed include:

Paper towel rolls

Dry pasta

Old blankets, towels etc for bedding

Dog food

These items can be placed in the boxes in our classroom over the coming week.


NGO Fundraiser Tuesday (tomorrow)

Three grade 6 students, Nia, Lara and Bedirhan, came to visit our class today.  They told us about their NGO which is to help children without parents.  They are aiming to raise money to buy clothes for the children, specially babies. The grade 6 NGO students will be running a stall tomorrow with games at snack and lunch.  Students are encouraged to bring in 2 or 3 TL to help our students take indirect action.

Our field trip into Istanbul’s history



Grade 2P Personal Histories Website

The Grade 2 students have begun their first blog today and have asked for the website to show their families. Because this is a protected website, you can find the link in the parent information section of this website.

Greenhouse Book Fair

Yes, it’s time for the Greenhouse book fair!!   Catalogues will be delivered to students on Thursday 5th March.

The deadline to order books will be Wednesday, March 11th. We kindly ask you to send in sealed envelopes containing the order and payment information to your child’s class teacher.

If there are sealed envelopes that come in after Wednesday, please bring them directly to Ayse (Hisar) or Figen (Marmara)  and we will do our best to see if the orders can still be accepted.  Greenhouse books will collect the envelopes from Ayse and Figen on Wednesday afternoon and begin processing the orders.

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