Snow day work 18th February 2015


Go outside and build a snowman.  Take a photograph and write how you made it.  Don’t forget to include each step.


1. Using something from your house (raisons, toothpicks, buttons, etc) practice your

doubles addition facts to 100. E.g. 12 + 12 = 24

2. Make your own 100’s chart and practice skip counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s


Write some questions of things that you would like to know about our current unit of

inquiry.   Find examples of simple machines around your home.  (Gears, inclined planes, pulleys, levers, wedges)


Don’t forget to read for fun!

Grade 2P Homework 17th February

Reading: Students are reminded to read at home for at least 20minutes every night. This could be to a parent or sibling or simply quiet time before going to sleep. Students may read in English or their mother tongue.

Spelling:  Students are reminded to practice their spelling words at home several times every night.

Handwriting: Students are asked to complete pages 67-71 in their Handwriting Books.

Math: Students are asked to revise their subtraction facts to 20 by completing the activity sheet sent home today.

Unit: Bring in different sized boxes to school in order to build your crane. (See Class news)

Wednesday 11th February Snow Day Work

Here is your work for today.  Don’t forget to visit the French and Art class websites as well.  As always, please contact me via email if you have any questions.



Write a story with a beginning, middle and end. Make sure the beginning of the story has

the characters and setting, the middle of the story creates a problem and at the end of the

story, the problem is solved.

Edit your story remembering to pay attention to spelling, full stops and capital letters.


Choose a book that you can read together with the person looking after you. You can

read a page and they can read a page and take turns. Talk about the book together when

you have finished reading. Remember to talk about what happened in the story and why the characters chose to act as they did.


1. Write the number words from zero to twenty.  Practice adding these numbers to make 10 and 20.  Then find all the different takeaway sums you make, starting with 20.  For example, 20-1=19, 20-2=18, 20-3=17 and so on.

Extension: Logic puzzles

Logic puzzles for fun (Click on the title)

Use your best problem solving skills to try to solve these puzzles.


Write questions about things that you want to know, e.g. Why does the sun


Go on to the Internet to find the answers.

Don’t forget to read for fun!

Homework 3rd February

Reading: Students are reminded to read at home for at least 20minutes every night. This could be to a parent or sibling or simply quiet time before going to sleep. Students may read in English or their mother tongue.

Spelling: Spelling has resumed again and all students are receiving new lists based on their latest assessment. Students are reminded to practice their spelling words at home several times every night.

Handwriting: Students are asked to complete the activity sent received at school today.

Math: Students are currently studying length, measuring the distance our catapults can send different objects.  To help student practice using tape measures and using metres and centimetres, students are asked to use a tape measure (metric please) to measure the length of the following items:

Dining Table


Width of your front door

Height of family members: (mum, dad, siblings) and record these in their homework books.

Unit: During this “At Home” challenge, students will use what they learned about levers to identify more of them in the real world.

           Find Simple Machines We Use Every Day.



Grade 2 Homework

Congratulations to all Grade 2 students for their interesting projects.   They have put in a great deal of effort and the projects are being presented throughout the week.

This week for homework, you are asked to do the following tasks:

1. Reading: Read to yourself or to a family member for a minimum of 15 minutes per night.  This may be in English or your mother tongue.

2. Spelling: Students will receive new spelling words tomorrow (Wednesday).  Students are reminded to practice their spelling words several times every night.

3. Public Service Signs: Students who did not complete this task during the snow day are asked to do the following:

Decide on a safety issue at school which you think needs improving.  This may include, walking instead of running, carrying laptops safely, doing up your bag to keep your belongings secure, walking quietly to single subjects….

You are asked to design a simple sign to encourage people to pay attention to your issue.  Remember that colours should contrast (in other words use colours which stand out and are easily read).  Remember to keep your message  simple so that your sign can be read quickly.   The sign should be on A3 paper or smaller so that it can be laminated and displayed at school.

4. Healthy Choices Projects: Students who did not complete their project on healthy choices last week are asked to complete it this week and hand it in by this Friday.

Grade 2P Homework Project

Important Notice: The assembly planned for this Thursday has been cancelled due to a lack of preparation time.  Please see the class news page for the new assembly date for Grade 2.


I want to find out about………

At the beginning of our last unit of inquiry, the students wrote many questions they had about healthy choices.  Today at school, the students have chosen a question they want to find out about.

Students are asked to prepare a research project, with parental or sibling help, about the question they have chosen.  This project can take any form, a poster, a booklet, a movie, powerpoint presentation…..

Students are asked to cover the following:

What is my question?

What do I need to know about to answer my question?

How did I find out the answer to my question?

How will I sort my information?

What is the answer to my question?

Projects are due on Monday 19th January.


Snow Day Work Day 3

Today you are asked to choose 2 of the following activities to complete.  You are also asked to continue to practice your addition skills using the websites I gave you yesterday.


Write a story about what you didn’t do yesterday.

Viewing and presenting

Watch a DVD in English.

Write a report to tell everyone about the DVD. Remember to include the title, the characters, the story and if you think it was a good story for Grade 2 children.  You will share this during your sharing time next week.


Write your favourite number. Write as many equations (sums) as

you can to equal this number. Try for at least 25 sums.

Little Ron (Click on the title)

Choose your game and number level to help Little Ron cross the swamp


Write a list of word about our Unit in alphabetical order (A-Z).

Eg. Healthy Choices





Dress warmly and if you can,  go outside and play in the snow.


Snow Day Work Day 2

Please complete 2 of the activities you didn’t choose from yesterday’s work.

You are also asked to practice your adding (plus) by playing at least 2 of the games below . They are not timed and are only for practice so if it takes you a little while to solve the problem, don’t worry. We all need to practice at times.

Important: You may play more games if you wish but please do not spend more than 20 minutes in front of your computer or ipad at a time and always check with your parents before using the internet.

These games will help you to practice adding simple 1 digit numbers such as 2 + 3 = 5; all the way to
11 + 84 = 95

How to use the split strategy in math

Please click this link to watch the video (scroll down to the bottom):

This video will help you to remember how to use the split strategy we have been talking about in class.

Addition practice games:

Fun for the Brain (Click on the title)

To play this game you need to use the arrow keys to move forward. Use the space bar to jump. You need to collect the snowballs by answering the questions using your number facts to 20. Watch out for the obstacles.

Fruit Shoot (Click on the title)

In this game, you can choose how many digits you want to add. For example at level 1, you will add simple 1 digit numbers such as 2+3 = 5. Levels 6 and 7 add numbers such as 11+83=94. There is no time limit so you can take your time but I suggest you use a pencil and paper and the split strategy we talked about again on Monday to help you solve the problems.

Soccer Math (Click on the title)

This game is a little more challenging but there is no time limit and if you use the split strategy, you can solve the problems quite quickly. Again, you will need a pencil and paper do help you do this. For each one you get correct, you can kick the ball into the goal.

Extra challenges:

This link will take you to math drills and you can choose to add 3 or even 4 and 5 digit numbers if you would like to.

Math Drills (Click on the title)

Scroll down to where it says Various Multi-Digit Addition worksheets and choose a letter. This will take you to the worksheet and you can print it off at home or just copy the questions and answers onto a piece of paper.

Logic puzzles for fun (Click on the title)

Use your best problem solving skills to try to solve these puzzles. Start with “Snail Bob”

Have fun and if you have any problems, feel free to email me. I’ll be checking my email throughout the day.

Snow Day 1 Work

Your job today is to choose 3 activities from the list below and complete them during the day. You must complete the first activity then you may choose 2 others to complete. Please bring your work to school when we return.

Day 1

You are asked to design and make a sign which helps others to stay safe. You may do this using a computer or using the paper you took home from school yesterday afternoon.
Please follow these steps to complete your sign (your finished work must have an answer for each step)
1. Decide on a safety issue around our school. This may include washing hands, walking on the left hand side of the stairs, walking quietly between classes, carrying computers carefully and so on. Write this on the back of your poster.
2. Where does your poster need to go to make sure other people see it and take action? Write this on the back of your poster.
3. Practice sign: design your practice sign on a spare sheet of paper. You may want to experiment with colours and so on as we talked about on Monday afternoon. Please hand this practice sign in.
4. Have your parents check your spelling and then compete your final copy of your sign. Remember this sign will be displayed around the school so you need to do your very best work.
This task is due when we return to school.

Write a letter to your favourite stuffed toy.

1. Write all the numbers to 100.
Circle the numbers in your favourite number pattern.

2. Use a calculator and make up addition and subtraction sums.

List as many things as you can think of (at least 10) that you would never do on a snow day. Choose at least 2 to illustrate.

Draw a picture using only shapes, eg. squares, circles, semi-circles, hexagons, etc.

Don’t forget to read for fun!

Homework 2nd December 2014

Here is your homework for this week. Please remember to set aside a time that suits you to do your homework each day. This means you will not be trying to do it all on Sunday. Please remember to do your best and present your work neatly, especially your handwriting.
Reading: All students are expected to read for a minimum of 20 minutes per night. This can include you home readers. Students are also encouraged to read another book of their choice. This may be in English or in your mother tongue.
Spelling: Students are expected to practice their spelling words 5 times every night. It is highly recommended that students practice writing their spelling words every night to help develop their sight and motor memory.
Math: Students are asked to complete one Five Minute Frenzy each night. Please remember you have 5 minutes to complete each frenzy, no more.
Unit: Taking Action
Grade 2P are studying Who We Are. We are looking at how healthy choices influence who we are. As part of their unit, students are asked to apply their learning about nutritional labels. Students are asked to help pack their snacks each day this week. Students are asked to read the nutritional labels on each packaged item and use this to decide if the item is a healthy choice.
Handwriting: Handwriting homework will be sent home tomorrow (Wednesday)

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