Grade 6 Action: N.G.Os

The grade 6 students are organising N.G.Os to take action on issues they are passionate about. Students are asked to bring in any spare clothing (especially for children and baby needs) to support those in need.

Students are also asked to bring in items to be donated to a dog shelter.  Items needed include:

Paper towel rolls

Dry pasta

Old blankets, towels etc for bedding

Dog food

These items can be placed in the boxes in our classroom over the coming week.


NGO Fundraiser Tuesday (tomorrow)

Three grade 6 students, Nia, Lara and Bedirhan, came to visit our class today.  They told us about their NGO which is to help children without parents.  They are aiming to raise money to buy clothes for the children, specially babies. The grade 6 NGO students will be running a stall tomorrow with games at snack and lunch.  Students are encouraged to bring in 2 or 3 TL to help our students take indirect action.

Independent Action in Grade 2P

Today one of our class members shared the following:

“My mum and I have decided that I am going to choose healthier choices when we go shopping so we won’t buy any more chocolate milk.”  Yavuz Ciyanoglu

This shows Yavuz is using what he has learnt in our previous unit and putting it into action in his life choices.  Well done, Yavuz!!

If you have a story about action you or your parents have taken, please email it to Mr Penrose to be included on our website.

Grade 2 Student Action – Healthy Choices

Grade 2 students are taking their own action at home. After learning about healthy choices, these students are making their own change be substituting healthy snacks for the less healthy options they chose previously. Well done to these students for taking action and making a difference.

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