Library book and home reader returns

As the end of the year approaches us quickly, the library is trying to collect all library books.  Please remember to return all your library books or DVDs.

Please also remember to send back any home readers still at home so we can take an inventory.

Monday 8th June 2015

Working from home today…..

Here are the activities to complete today whilst you are at home:

1. Read for 30 minutes then write a minimum of 6 sentences telling me about what you read.  Remember to include the name of the book, who wrote it , names of characters, what happened to them and why. Please also include your opinions of the book.   Please remember to write neatly and put your name and today’s date.

2. Please make sure you have your costume ready for our performance this week. Tomorrow we will be having a full dress rehearsal.  All parents received an email 2 weeks ago detailing costumes:

Narrator 1 (Jasmehar):
black top, navy blue pants and black (or dark) shoes
Ali Baba:
ripped brown shirt , dirty looking pants, socks(with holes if possible)
Ali’s wife:
ripped grey T-shirt, patched pants and socks(with holes if possible)
Ali’s children:
Child 1: patched dress and socks
Child 2: ripped beige (or light coloured) pants and shirt, socks
Child 3 ripped shirt and pants, socks
Sheik Kevin:
White pyjamas and socks
Tie salesperson: A tie (brightly coloured if possible) skirt and a yellow T-shirt
Dark Blue Genie Suit
Beggar 1: old brown pants and T-shirt
Beggar 2: old pants and a dress
Beggar 3: dirty shirt, skirt and pants
Beggar 4: please see Ali’s wife
Narrator 2 (Ben D):
black top, a hat, black pants and dark shoes
Robert Rev:
cool sunglasses, black leather jacket, black pants, black T-shirt
Harry Handlebar:
Grey T-shirt, grey shorts sunglasses, sunhat
Peter Puncture:
Dark sunglasses, black leather jacket, white T-shirt, navy jeans
Warren Wheel:
cool sunglasses, black leather jacket, black pants, grey or white t-shirt
Bikie Girls: a skirt with leggings under the skirt, pink, yellow, blue or red T-shirt, short white socks
Andrew: Orange shorts, blue T-shirts with a little white on it, hair tied back
Club Med: a bright tie, a necklace made out of flowers, board-shorts, hawaiian shirt (if possible or a brightly coloured one), sunglasses, straw hat and flouro suncreen
Have a great day and see you tomorrow,
Mr Penrose

A song to learn for our Arts day on Thursday

Students are asked to learn the following words for the opening ceremony next week.

“If I could teach you the song in my heart, 
If I could teach you the melody,
If you could learn how to sing what I sing,
Then you could carry on, yes, you could carry on my song.
And when I teach you the song in my heart,
And when I teach you the melody,
Then you will know how to sing what I sing,
Then you could carry on, yes, you could carry on my song.”

Wednesday 17th June Beach Theme Spirit Day

Wednesday, 17th June will be a “Beach Themed Day”.  Students are asked to come to school in beach wear – board shorts, hats, sunglasses, flippers, swimming arm bands, snorkels etc. This event is organised by the Primary Student Council so please dress up and enjoy……

Earlier start for Open Assembly

Dear parents,


Please note the starting time for the Primary School Assembly scheduled for Friday, May 29th has been moved forward to begin09:00am.   We look forward to seeing you at the assembly.


You are invited to our Lower Primary Performing Arts Day

Performing Arts Day

On Thursday, June 11th, IICS will be hosting a Performing Arts Day.

This event will be a showcase for students Preschool through Grade

3. As part of our final unit this year, each class will be inquiring into

performing areas; such as drama, music, dance and more; and

presenting to parents and families on June 11th.

The event will start at 9:00 am in the IICS Amphitheater. There will

be a schedule of performances that you can enjoy and, following each

presentation, there will be an opportunity for you to learn about the

process involved in preparing for this special day.

We will end our Performing Arts Day event with a picnic at 11:40 for

all the performers and families.

Please look for more information concerning this event coming in the

next few weeks. If you have any question, please feel free to contact

your classroom teacher.

Do you know your lines yet?



Students are reminded to practice their lines for our class play which will be performed on 11th June. All students are expected to know their lines by Monday 1st June.  The costume and props department have met and decided on costumes and props.  These details will be sent out tomorrow via email.

Open Assembly This Friday 29th May

This week the primary assembly will be held on Friday starting at 9:10am sharp.  Students have been practicing for their performance and are very excited to show our community their talents.  Please check with you child to see if they have volunteered to perform this Friday.

Sports Day Reminder

Students are reminded to wear their team colours tomorrow.  Keep an eye out for the teachers……what colours will they be wearing…blue, red, yellow green……maybe the rainbow??

Students are also reminded to wear a hat and sunscreen.  All students will need a water bottle as there will be plenty of activities and they will need to stay hydrated.  Please ensure your children come to school with a labeled water bottle.  Please also remember to wear sunscreen to protect you from the sun.

Nepal Earthquake Support

All students are asked to bring 5TL to purchase a healthy snack at the sports event tomorrow.  This will be handed to Mr Penrose in the morning.  Students will be given a sticker or a stamp in order to purchase 2 items form the bake stall.  Please remember to send in a healthy snack to be donated to the stall.


Homework 20th May 2015

Reading: All students are expected to read for at least 20 minutes every night.  This can include books in English or in their mother tongue.


Spelling: The students are very excited and working hard to improve their spelling.  You can help them achieve their goals by revising their spelling words with them several times every night.

Ali Baba and the 40 Bikies

Rehearsals have begun for our class play.  This will be performed on the 11th June.  Students have received their scripts and are asked to memorise their lines as soon as possible.  The students in charge of costumes and props will be meeting tomorrow during recess and will make a list of what is needed for each character.  These will then be sent out to families.  Please help your child by practicing their lines with them several times every night.  Please encourage them to deliver their lines slowly and with loud, dramatic voices.


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