Monday 8th June 2015

Working from home today…..

Here are the activities to complete today whilst you are at home:

1. Read for 30 minutes then write a minimum of 6 sentences telling me about what you read. ¬†Remember to include the name of the book, who wrote it , names of characters, what happened to them and why. Please also include your opinions of the book. ¬† Please remember to write neatly and put your name and today’s date.

2. Please make sure you have your costume ready for our performance this week. Tomorrow we will be having a full dress rehearsal.  All parents received an email 2 weeks ago detailing costumes:

Narrator 1 (Jasmehar):
black top, navy blue pants and black (or dark) shoes
Ali Baba:
ripped brown shirt , dirty looking pants, socks(with holes if possible)
Ali’s wife:
ripped grey T-shirt, patched pants and socks(with holes if possible)
Ali’s children:
Child 1: patched dress and socks
Child 2: ripped beige (or light coloured) pants and shirt, socks
Child 3 ripped shirt and pants, socks
Sheik Kevin:
White pyjamas and socks
Tie salesperson: A tie (brightly coloured if possible) skirt and a yellow T-shirt
Dark Blue Genie Suit
Beggar 1: old brown pants and T-shirt
Beggar 2: old pants and a dress
Beggar 3: dirty shirt, skirt and pants
Beggar 4: please see Ali’s wife
Narrator 2 (Ben D):
black top, a hat, black pants and dark shoes
Robert Rev:
cool sunglasses, black leather jacket, black pants, black T-shirt
Harry Handlebar:
Grey T-shirt, grey shorts sunglasses, sunhat
Peter Puncture:
Dark sunglasses, black leather jacket, white T-shirt, navy jeans
Warren Wheel:
cool sunglasses, black leather jacket, black pants, grey or white t-shirt
Bikie Girls: a skirt with leggings under the skirt, pink, yellow, blue or red T-shirt, short white socks
Andrew: Orange shorts, blue T-shirts with a little white on it, hair tied back
Club Med: a bright tie, a necklace made out of flowers, board-shorts, hawaiian shirt (if possible or a brightly coloured one), sunglasses, straw hat and flouro suncreen
Have a great day and see you tomorrow,
Mr Penrose
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