Homework Tuesday 28th April 2015

Due date: Monday 4th May, 2015

Reading: Students are reminded to read for at least 20 minutes every night. This can be in their mother tongue or in English. Students can read to an adult, a sibling or to themselves and are encouraged to read any reading material they enjoy.

Spelling: Can you get your spelling words correct this week?
Don’t forget to learn your spelling words several times every night. Remember that if you get all your words correct, 4 weeks in a row, you can move groups.

Math: Students are asked to complete the math activity they will receive on Wednesday.

Unit: Creativity

What do you enjoy creating? You are asked to design and create a project. This may involve dance, building, singing, lego, whatever form of creativity you enjoy most. Projects can be brought to school or photos can be emailed to Mr Penrose. Musical performances will be performed on Wednesday next week.

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