Grade 2P Homework Wednesday 11th March

Reading: Students are expected to be reading for at least 20 minutes every night.  This may be in the form of reading to an adult or sibling and includes time students spend reading to themselves.

Spelling:  All students are expected to memorise their spelling words several times every night.

Action Photographs/stories: any action taken by students to make a change as result of their learning is action and a vital part of the PYP. Families are encouraged to send in anedotes or photographs of your child making a change as a result of their learning.  For example: during our unit on Healthy Choices, Kehania and Yavuz took action at home to read nutritional labels on food products to help them make healthier choices.  Jack and Rebecca sent in photos of themselves choosing to eat healthy snacks at home. All forms of action are important and worth celebration so if you notice your child making a change, please let Mr Penrose know.

Unit of inquiry:(Required)  

A complex machine is a machine which uses more than one simple machine. This week in class, the students have had experience building a crane which uses pulleys and levers.

For homework, all students are asked to build a machine at home using household items.  The machine must be made up of at least 2 simple machines (levers, pulleys, screws, wheels/axles, gears, inclined planes etc).  Students are asked to take photos/video of their machine to present at school next week.

Each machine must have a purpose.  Adult assistance is encouraged.  Students will be assessed on their ability to explain the role of the simple machines used in their creation and how these work together to meet the identified purpose.

All machine photographs/video is due at school on Tuesday 17th March 2015.

Please feel free to email Mr Penrose should you have any questions.


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