Grade 2P Wonderings: Who we are

After much reflection, our students decided that these are the most important healthy choices questions asked so far…

Why is milk healthy? Why is the milk white? Why do we have milk? Why is milk a little sweet? How can cows make milk?

Why is the body Like a puzzle? How does the body look when it is together?

Does the nose have a bone? How many body parts are in the body?

Why is fruit good for you? Why is the orange green and yellow? How does fruit taste when it is rotten? Is fruit important? How does fruit help you? Does fruit make you grow?

Do the bones move when they feel something? Why is the skeleton white? Can skeletons break? Are bones really strong? Why do we have bones?

Where does water go? How do you make water? Why is water wet? How do people make water able to be drunk? How do you clean water?

What do you wonder about……….?

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